Abra Aluminium has simplified the product selection by categorising most items into a basic definition which covers three classifications: BUILDING – EXTRUSION – SAFETY

The SAFETY category covers a range of products that are used specifically for safety applications (both internal and external).  Many of the items and systems that fall into the "safety category" have undergone rigorous testing in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.




The "Terrace Series Balustrade" is a complete system that is very easy to fabricate for a long lasting and stylish look. This system is a very cost effective way to enhance terraces, decks, balconies and pool areas. The structural integrity of this system has been proven from the extensive testing and will allow you to have total confidence in using the "Terrace Series Balustrade" in both standard residential and domestic applications. Abra Aluminium's sales team will be happy to assist with any enquiry for your balustrade needs.

Industrial Products

Abra Aluminium is proud of its standing as being a market leader with our brand of "Abra Safe" Industrial walkway and handrail systems. Abra Safe Walkway has continued to evolve over the past decade to offer points of difference to other products that are now both recognised and specified in a very competitive market. The continuing development of the Abra Safe Walkway now cover a huge range of safety applications including but not limited to – Walkway – Catwalks – Roof entry kits – Access Ladders – Handrails – Skylight Covers.


Abra Aluminium service a wide cross section of fencing requirements. Whether it be the balusters and punched rails for pool fencing or glazing posts for glass balustrade, we welcome your enquiry as our product range is extensive, so the odds are we will have what you are looking for.


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